With passion for craftmanship combined with love for dogs - BEAN Norway was created in 2021.

Angelica Martensson is the founder of BEAN and handcraft is in her blood. Her background is in the Fashion Industry, and she is a designer, craftswoman and seamstress. Our Cork Collections are designed and handmade in Oslo. We aim to create long lasting pieces, with a touch of quirkiness to a classic and elegant design. 

 Our vision is to grow and become the worlds biggest vegan dog brand. Along the way, we want to do our best to give back and support dogs in need. Proceeds will go to non-profit organisations that help dogs and other animals.


Why Cork? 

- I stumbled upon cork and I was surprised of the quality and look of the fabric. It has such a luxurious feel to it, I knew right away I wanted to work with it. I also made a conscious choice not to work with real leather, because it just didn´t feel right. Cork is completely sustainable and vegan; and therefore I can truly stand behind my products with my whole heart.